Jacks Wholesale Windows Redeemed

I am extremely please to write that our situation with Jacks Wholesale Windows has come to a close.  We first purchased the windows from Jack's a few years ago and we had several issues at first.  I'm happy to say that those issues have all been resolved and faith in Jack's Wholesale Windows has been restored.

Why did I buy windows from Jacks Wholesale Windows?

6 months ago I signed an agreement with Jacks Wholesale Windows to install 2 over-sized windows in my house.  In this series of Jacks Wholesale Windows reviews, we'll explore some of the most appalling customer service experiences I have ever heard of.

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Jacks Wholesale Windows

Jacks Wholesale Windows has become a new point of frustration in my life.  I ordered two triple pane, low-e, 2-light windows for my house.  I ordered them to increase the value of my home and the efficiency.  So far it appears that these windows will do neither.

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Jacks Wholesale Windows Review Continued - I see a big difference, my new windows are dirty and crooked

Buyers remorse barely touches what I'm feeling now.  I am filled with deep regret over my purchase through Jacks Wholesale Windows.  In my initial review of Jacks Wholesale Windows  service, I gave them the benefit of the doubt in that I was optimistic that they could redeem themselves.  Boy was I wrong. 


Jacks Wholesale Windows Review - they jacked my time and money

If you live in the Mid-West, Jacks Wholesale Windows may be an option for you.  You may want to read about my experience working with them before you sign anything.

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