1 Droid, 3 Screen Protectors, and an entire Verizon store

I recently purchased a Verizon Droid, with it I picked up the package of 3 screen protectors.  The screen itself seemed sturdy enough, but having little experience with capacitive touchscreens I decided it was best to play it safe. 

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I stood in line for my Droid

I waited last year when the G1 came out. I was anxious for Android to come out and shake things up but I didn't want to be an early adopter. I looked forward to participating in an open source mobile platform because as an applications developer and, honestly, because it wasn't an iPhone.  The promise of a better platform was what it meant to me.  A system whose excellence is agnostic of its host.

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Why did I buy this LG Envy

I'm writing this articel after-the-fact.  Truth is the LG Envy (VX9900) wasn't a horrible phone, but I think I had to long to remain satisfied.  The 'P' button broke almost immediately.  The well intentioned 'ENV' orange button in the top right could only be configured to launch one of a small handful of tasks.  Would've been nice if you could set it to launch the Verizon Song ID app, but I guess that was too much to ask.



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