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Hands-free bathroom faucet: Speakman S-9512 SENSORFLO

The Speakman Sensorflo S9512 is a replacement for our old Moen Monticello bathroom faucet.  The hot-water handle snapped a few weeks ago so with little kids in the house, we thought it might be worth ditching the handles all together and upgrading to a hands-free faucet.  After some online research and reading other consumer reviews, we settled on the Speakman Sensorflo S-9512.  How does it fair?

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Why buy the Delta 980T-SSSD-DST Pilar Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Touch2O Technology?

Before purchasing this seemingly expensive kitchen faucet, I did a little research.  What got me was the review I read on Amazon that said something to the effect of "It is the Hummer of kitchen faucets".  While not a Hummer owner myself, I was sold.


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Jacks Wholesale Windows Redeemed

I am extremely please to write that our situation with Jacks Wholesale Windows has come to a close.  We first purchased the windows from Jack's a few years ago and we had several issues at first.  I'm happy to say that those issues have all been resolved and faith in Jack's Wholesale Windows has been restored.

Why buy a Kwikset Smartcode Touchpad Keyless Entry Deadbolt?

The Kwikset 910 CNT ZW (Z-Wave) is a door lock that can be integrated into your existing home automation network. I recently took the opportunity to own one of these deadbolts and integrated it into my Vera controlled network.  It was a rough start, but so far it's looking like a good investment.

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2 Weeks with AT&T U-Verse: Worth Switching from Comcast?

Week 1

I have been a loyal customer of Comcast for at least 4 years.  In that time, my internet and/or cable service was interrupted 4 times.  Each time this occurred, I would call the Customer Service line and find out that there was a past due amount. The first three times, I had forgot the schedule the payment and was a few days past due.  Really?  You'll shut off my service for being past due a few days? 

Why buy Microlink FR160 Safety Preparedness Radio?

The American Red Cross has a line of emergency preparedness products called Eton.  The Microlink FR160 is one of the smaller FM/AM/Weather Band/Flashlight/USB Charger devices in that line.  Is it worth its weight in renewable energy?  Let's see...


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Why buy Prince Lionheart cushiony table edge guard?

Not too long ago, it was time to start baby-proofing our house. We have a lot of sharp corners on surfaces in our house, especially near common areas like the living room.  We purchased a cushion edge kit at Toys r Us for around $20.  I must say this was a wise investment.

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Pictionary Man: Where is the rag?

Last fall I purchased Pictionary Man.  What a great investment.  We spread its simplistic, creative joy throughout each of our family events over the holiday season.  The game comes with a cylinder, a box, a figurine, dry-erase marker, and supposedly a score card and rag to keep the surfaces clean between rounds


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