Why buy a Loftek CXS 2200 WiFi Pan/Tilt Camera?

I have already invested in a few other network pan/tilt cameras (FI8918W), but this time I was looking for something with slightly better range at night.  The Loftek CXS 2200 advertised a range of 15 meters.  How did it fair in actual use?


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Vera by Mi Casa Verde, sounds green

Mi Casa Verde produces a Home Automation router that helps manager your Z Wave devices.  The spirit of the concept is that you can run a home automation controller that also monitors energy consumption on connected devices at 30W/day as opposed to what it might take to keep a similar PC based solution running.

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Mi vera, es mejor (My Vera is better)

Down and out the first few weeks of ownership, the Mi Casa Verde Vera has not been an easy purchase to live with.  But now that its up and running (for the moment), it is definitely proving to be a great buy for a Z-Wave/Home Automation initiate such as myself. 

Mi Casa Verde sent me the wrong dongle

Ok, a follow up the "My Vera doesn't work posts", an observant user on their forums pointed out that I may have accidentally been shipped the European version of the dongle.  The dongle is code for American or European Z-Wave frequency bands and apparently the one I received is designed to turn on and off Z-Wave devices from across the pond.

Mi Casa Verde Vera Tech Support page must be broke, just like the Vera

Well, its been a week since I received my Vera from Mi Casa Verde.  I wish I could share some exciting stories about how Green my home is and how easy it was to use...  sadly that couldn't be further from the truth.  I've spent countless hours on their wiki and forum trying to get answers from anybody who knows why this thing doesn't work with any of my Z-Wave devices despite their guarantee of compatibility.  Nothing.  It just blinks.  Its a $300 nigh light.  Oh wait, it does act like an 802.11g WiFi router.

The Mi Casa Verde Vera doesn't work with anything that I own

Why did I buy this glorified router?  Originaly it was an investment into Home Automation.  Now it feels like an investment into anxiety.  I've dropped over $800 into my Home Automation project with the Mi Casa Verde Vera at the heart of it and taking up the majority of the component costs.  If only it did more than provide a 802.11g network for me.

Just received the Mi Casa Verde Vera Z Wave Home Controller

Whew... that was rough.  But after just over two week I finally recieved it, the Mi Casa Verde Vera.  Its a Home Controller and a Wireless router all in one.  Vera mean "border" in spanish.  So far I must say that I'm liking the attention Mi Casa Verde put into the users first experience.  Nice tutorials piped in from YouTube give it a well rounded setup process.  At least, so it seemed...

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