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2 Weeks with AT&T U-Verse: Worth Switching from Comcast?

Week 1

I have been a loyal customer of Comcast for at least 4 years.  In that time, my internet and/or cable service was interrupted 4 times.  Each time this occurred, I would call the Customer Service line and find out that there was a past due amount. The first three times, I had forgot the schedule the payment and was a few days past due.  Really?  You'll shut off my service for being past due a few days? 

Why did I buy windows from Jacks Wholesale Windows?

6 months ago I signed an agreement with Jacks Wholesale Windows to install 2 over-sized windows in my house.  In this series of Jacks Wholesale Windows reviews, we'll explore some of the most appalling customer service experiences I have ever heard of.

Wdibtt Rating: 

Mi vera, es mejor (My Vera is better)

Down and out the first few weeks of ownership, the Mi Casa Verde Vera has not been an easy purchase to live with.  But now that its up and running (for the moment), it is definitely proving to be a great buy for a Z-Wave/Home Automation initiate such as myself. 

Resolve - Cooper Wiring Devices Customer Service stands behind their product

Well it took a few weeks to resolve but I am completely happy with the way Cooper Wiring Devices resolved the issue. 

First contact, I hear back from Cooper Wiring Devices

So after 12 days, Cooper Wire Devices customer service contacts me helps restore some of my faith in the Z-Wave economy. 

Business Review: Don't buy Z Wave products from

Wow, what a horrible experience its been working  I placed my first Home Automation order through them on 1/9/10.  The website seemed nice enough, but after submitting my order, it has been hell ever since. is almost completely unresponsive.  Here is my review of the transaction.

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