Tritan Nalgene Water Bottle

Hydration is the corner stone of healthy living. Activity like extended hiking works up quite a thirst. The amount of damage your body will endure without proper hydration will end a hike as quickly as a broken leg or blister on the bottom of your foot. Properly storing and carrying the daily amount of water required is why the Tritan Nalgene 1 quart  wide mouth water bottle is one of the best tools a hiker can carry.

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Sea to Summit 13 liter eVac drysack

When you purchase a dry sac you bought it to keep stored contents dry! Sea to Summit bags won’t let a drop of water in, ensuring the contents whether it be food, clothing, or other perishables stay dry. I used 2 Sea to Summit 13 liter eVac drysacks and was amazed at how well they function. I stored both food and clothing in mine. They got consistently rained on and lived up to their function of being a “dry sac“.

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Eureka Silver City Sleeping Bag

Why be cold while camping? The Eureka silver city sleeping bag offers protection from the elements down to a temperature of 30 degrees. This mummy bag comes with a compression sack and has a fill size of 14" X 7", taking up virtually no space within your pack. While taking up virtually no space the weight boasts a superior weight of 2lbs 8oz. The mummy style will keep your head warm as well as the rest of your body.

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Kelty Lakota 4000 Backpack

The ability to properly store and carry essential items while hiking is crucial. The Kelty Lakota 4000 series backpack has many features that met the demands of my hiking trip. This pack is fully adjustable. Every strap, load support, and stabilizer strap adjusted and seldom slipped or lost their placing although it would happen.

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