Would you purchase the Super Pocket Racer RC?


There was a time not too long ago where micro RC's were all the rage.  Or so it seemed.  Tyco, Air Hogs, and a few other brands all had there pocket-sized RC cards on the shelves. Since we purchased a Deluxe Canyon play table for our kids, it became obvious to me that we need a mini-RC to race around the tracks!



The Super Pocket Racer was purchased through Amazon which is usually a pleasant experience.  With this vendor, the item arrived 2 days later than expected and was damaged upon receipt.  2 days would've been ok except that I paid a few extra dollars to get it sooner.  The damage to the packaging wasn't consistent with the damage of the RC unit itself.  The release button on the controller was busted and before I could do anything I had to take a screw driver it to is so that I could free the RC car from its mounted existence.



Well, it is what it is; a pocket-sized RC car.  It was fun enough zipping around the track, but due to its size and lack of power it stuttered quite a bit making it around the turns and up the hills.  Either way, my son was thrilled which made it a decent investment for $16 delivered.


In summary, this was a fair purchase for its purpose.  The mini RC car holds a decent charge and provides more entertainment than you can handle if your kids attention span is anything like ours. I just might not recommend ordering it from the Amazon vendor deal fever.

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