Why did I buy a Foscam FI8918W Wireless/Wired IP Camera?


WiFi cameras are pretty affordable these days. With a wide variety of vendors, manufacturers, and technology options available, I decided to make my most recent purchase on Amazon.  How did the FI8918W fair?  Well, it had me asking why I bought it.

Set Up

The initial setup was easy enough, but at the same time uneasy.  The UI of the Foscam FI8918W is hopeless.  It looks like a 3rd grader drew a few shapes and their father turned it into a webpage that controls a potentially awesome array of wireless-camera-electronics.

A college intern who is failing their computer science classes could fudge a more attractive interface. But, if you muddle through the mess you can setup some alerts, ftp some images, and even email yourself some stills from the Foscam wireless camera based on motion detection of on a schedule.

The Foscam FI8918W has fragmented support for different browsers. I t


After you detach yourself from that grim reality, you can easily find your new wireless camera installed on your wireless home network with some promising features. I will not go into all of them here, but know that you are stuck with hampered wireless camera system. 

I was able to configure the camera and my home network to support access from the web, which was cool.  I have not yet been able to get the Motion Detection features to work as they claim. The patrol, IR on/off, and pan/tilt features all work and so it is still fun to show of to friends and family.

The two-way audio was disappointing.  I couldn't hear somebody speaking clearly and nearly directly into the device, but they could hear me alright speaking into a mic on a networked computer in the same house. I was really hoping for better audio communication quality from this wireless camera.


  • DDNS Support
  • Wireless 802.11b/g
  • Motion Detection (Alerts)
  • Night Vision (up to 8m)
  • MJpeg Compression
  • Two-way Audio
  • Digital Remote Pan/Tilt
  • Most Wireless Security Protocols
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