Why buy the Sony TDG-BR50 3D Glasses for watching 3D programming?


Recently I dove into the purchase of a new Home Theater setup courtesy of ABC Warehouse.  While I was looking to go 3D, the salesman seemed to make me an offer I couldn't refuse.  The pair of TDG-BR50/B glasses weren't included in the deal, but I needed them to make it worth it.


Sony offers a wide array of 3D peripherals and glasses.The TDG-BR50 are well suited to work with most modern, Active display, 3D Bravia TV sets.  However, some may require the additional Sony 3D Sync Transmitter.

When it comes to 3D technology, choosing the a future-proof and enjoyable solution that is also affordable can be very tough.  Do you want the best 3D experience for your buck?  Some may say you need to use Active 3D glasses.  But the cost and actual weight of these glasses may really give you a headache...if the picture/movie your watching doesn't!

All-in-all, these glasses do what they were supposed to.  The fit wasn't great, but they feel good on the face longer than you could stand to watch the 3D imagery.  And for $48, it was worth checking out.  Unfortunately, I'm not sure I'd ever invest in three more sets of glasses so that my family and I could actually watch an entire program.

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