Why buy a Sonix City Airport playset?


I was a big fan of Micro Machines in the 80s, what ever happened to those?  Its been a while since I've seen quality toys of the micro nature.  Alas, the Sonix City line of playsets.  How do these mini-car playsets stack up to the original Micro Machines?  Read on!


There are currently 4 connectible playsets: Construction, Rescue, Airport, and Raceway.  On top of that you can also purchase add-on buildings that are supposed to drop right into an open slot intentionally left in each of the playsets.


We'll see how the set fairs after some heavier use, but after mostly sitting around the home-office for a week some of the stickers have already started to peel.  The plastic doesn't feel cheap which is nice and the cars have a nice level of detail.


I purchase my Airport set at Target for ~$20.  It would be nice to see that price a little lower, but we may not see this series make it to the clearance racks so I was content forking out the cash.


All-in-all I would say I am happy with this purchase and I know my son is.  I actually still have a few Micro Machines from back in the day and the Sonix City playsets compliment them nicely.


One other funny thing I noticed about this Sonix City packaging is that the terminal shown on the back is not what the terminal actually looks like inside the box.


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