Why buy Prince Lionheart cushiony table edge guard?


Not too long ago, it was time to start baby-proofing our house. We have a lot of sharp corners on surfaces in our house, especially near common areas like the living room.  We purchased a cushion edge kit at Toys r Us for around $20.  I must say this was a wise investment.

Applying the cushion surface was simple at first.  Cut up the double-sided tape to the desired length and apply to the back of the cushion material.  Peal of the remaining surface of the double-stick tape and apply to the exposed edge.  We used ours on a few brick corners as well as a little built-in bookcase area. 

The cushion edge would end up only holding on the brick for a couple days.  After that we resorted to firmly reapplying several times before just giving in and using a small dab of rubber cement.  This was probably a bad idea in that it may damage the brick long-term.  But for now, it's really nice having those jagged surfaces protected from the children flying through those areas.

Overall I would say the Prince Lionheart brand of cushiony table edge Guard was a good investment.  We didn't use it to protect a table, but it has protected our child from would-be cuts and bruises from some of the other corners in our home.  I would definitely consider purchasing a another kit of this stuff to finish off other areas of the home.

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