Tritan Nalgene Water Bottle

Hydration is the corner stone of healthy living. Activity like extended hiking works up quite a thirst. The amount of damage your body will endure without proper hydration will end a hike as quickly as a broken leg or blister on the bottom of your foot. Properly storing and carrying the daily amount of water required is why the Tritan Nalgene 1 quart  wide mouth water bottle is one of the best tools a hiker can carry.

Most outdoor packs are constructed to hold at least 2 bottles of water. 2-3 quarts of water per day is an ideal amount to carry not only for drinking but for cooking as well. The Tritan Nalgene 1 quart water bottle has marks along the side so you will be able to follow cooking recipes correctly. Nalgene is also a tough water bottle. It can be dropped with very little fear of cracking or leaking. This feature is not to be underestimated.

Tritan Nalgene water bottles are easy to clean; they withstand heat, drops, and hold up to constant daily use. I opened and closed mine more times than I can count and the top was always secure and always easy to screw on and off.