Touchless Toilet Flushing is all the rage


Are you disgusted by the germ-ridden handle on your toilet?  Well you are not the only one.  Our family has a few kids running through the house touching everything and who knows what is on the handle. Well now we have one less thing to worry about with the Kohler touchless toilet flush kit!



Installation of the Kohler Touchless Toilet Flush Kit was relatively simple.  No tools were required, just a few minutes to adjust the chain length and test the flushing operation.  A great video for help installing the Kohler Touchless Flush Kit can be found on YouTube here.


In practice, the Touchless Flush Kit works as expected.  We did wonder if it was going to work at all in the beginning.  Once we placed the lid back on the toilet, the sensor didn't seem to work. Upon better examination of the instruction manual, this is normal. The sensor needs a minute or two to calibrate once the lid has been placed back over it.

After a day or so, we did notice that the flush seemed weaker than normal.  I attribute this to a small run caused by the plunger.  I opened things back up and was able to get the plunger to seal back over the drain which leads into the toiled. I also twisted the float around so that the resevoir holds a little more water. Now our flushes are strong and triggered withou touch thanks to this Kohler Flush Kit.


Its hard to say if the Kohler Touchless Toiled Flush Kit is worth the ~$75 you might pay for it.  Time will tell.  I know that my kids enjoying flushign now and I enjoy knowing that we're not all sharing germs on the old handle.  Even though we all wash hands after using the bathroom, its nice to know there is one less point-of-contact during the experience.  I recommend picking up this kit if you enjoy automating your house or have a germ phobia.  Its likely woth the time it takes to install.  Now lets just see how long those 4 AA's last...

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