Step2 Deluxe Canyon Road, Train, and Track Table - what a buy!!


Wow, if you would have told me a few years ago that we'd find a play-table as useful as the Step2 Deluxe Canyon Road table I would have not believed you.  Fortunately, our local Meijer had an open box set on clearance for only $20!  This purchase has easily been the best one I have made for our family in quite some time.



Setup was easy enough.  I recommend a drill unless you use a screwdriver for a living.  It will kill your wrists to drive 8 4" screws into the legs of this table.  At least it did mine, but I just type all day so maybe I'm weak. 

The stickers did feel a little cheap so I bet they won't last. It was also pretty easy to mis-align them and create ripples in the track or road.  Not a huge deal, but if the sticker material wasn't so cheaply made it probably would have been less of an issue.  It looks like a material you could print on your home printer.

When snapping all the road and bridge pieces in place it became apparent to us why the Deluxe Canyon play-table was marked down.  It was missing a bridge piece.  Fortunately Step2 has excellent product support and shipped us the missing piece for free within a couple of days.  What a steal!  $20 for a ~$100 item.


Our kid loves it!  We either play with the Zoo Talkers on top of the table or else race cards (and animals) on the tracks and road beneath.  Much of our kids playtime centers around this table.

Kids haven't colored on the surface of the table top yet so we'll see how well it cleans up when that moment arrives. For now, its sufficient enough that they enjoy playing with toys at, on, or around it.  "No, you can not climb on the table" is my only complaint.


If you get the chance, I highly recommend picking up one of these play tables.  Our son is only a couple years old, but with another infant in the house its easy to imagine we'll get a several more years out of the Deluxe Canyon Road, Train, and Track table.

Our Step2 Deluxe Canyon Road Train and Track Table was purchased at Meijer

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