Sea to Summit 13 liter eVac drysack


When you purchase a dry sac you bought it to keep stored contents dry! Sea to Summit bags won’t let a drop of water in, ensuring the contents whether it be food, clothing, or other perishables stay dry. I used 2 Sea to Summit 13 liter eVac drysacks and was amazed at how well they function. I stored both food and clothing in mine. They got consistently rained on and lived up to their function of being a “dry sac“.

Every night we would hang our food high in a tree so annoying raccoons or a hungry bear couldn’t ravage our only food supply. Each Sea to Summit bag held a weight of 18 pounds. We would hang the bags by their clips at least 20 feet in the air. The clips supported the weight and even when left out in the rain, supported the weight and kept the contents dry. We used another type of bag and the clip broke the first night with a weight of 14 pounds and it wasn’t water proof.

The Sea to Summit bags also breathe while maintaining the water proofing. As you would pack and seal the sacs the air is easily evacuated for maximum storage with minimum external pressure required to evacuate all the air trapped inside. This feature is every bit a valuable as the water proofing. After using the Sea to Summit Dry Sacs I wouldn’t go to another bag.


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