Mobile Connectivity with the EtekCity HD Video Converter


The EtekCity HD Video Converter is one of many affordable HDMI to CVBS ( composite video) converters.  If you are looking for a USB powered (or no power) inline conversion box to get an HDMI source out to RCA - look no further.


There are quite a few video converters out there, especially from EtekCity.  Be careful to choose the right one which specifies HDMI in and RCA out.  Most of the converters I came across were the other way around which is a more popular utility.


The Plan

The goal was to play Netflix in our mini-van via Chromecast.  The built-in DVD system only had a little 1/8th A/V in and it came with a cable that extended that to the more common RCA plugs (red/yellow/white).  So the EtekCity Would plug into that and convert video from the HDMI sourc - the Chromecast dongle.  To ge this to work, phone #1 would be setup as a wifi hotspot using Fox Fi.  Phone #2 would connect to wifi hotspot and configure the Chromecast for use on the network.  After that, phone #2 could be used to sling Netflix (or other supported media) into the vehicles DVD system.

This setup created some heat - the wifi hotspot phone #1, the Chromecast, and the EtekCity Video converter were each kicking out some heat.  I mostly only ran this as a proof of concept. Its nice to know its possible and for only $40 in converter hardware.



The little converter box did its job with flying colors.  There was some noise introduced where the RCAs connected to the unit, but that could have just been caused by the cheap old cables.  

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