Logitech Performance Mouse - worth buying?


There are a lot of computer mice on the market.  While I wouldn't say I have large hands, I will say that most mice feel small in my hand.  That's why it was important that I find a mouse that feels great and has all the features I require as an avid internet user and programmer.  Enter the Logitech mX Performance Mouse.


Logitech has had some success with their line of "MX" computer mice.  The design and build quality of this version is no different than its predecessors.  The battery life is great and, unlike some previous versions, is sustained by a single removable, rechargeable battery.

Installation was a breeze on Windows 7, no software downloads or disks required and it paired quickly.  There is some software included that unlocks additional functionality such as one-click task switching and advanced zoom features.

One thing I really like about the wheel on the Logitech MX mouse is that there is a button behind it that toggles the speed.  Well, sort of the speed.  It goes from smooth and continuous scrolling to a more controlled stepped scroll.  Feels like ABS for your mouse except way safer.

The packaging promoted some sort of 'darkfield' technology.  Most mice I have used in the last few  years work on any surface anyway, but this model is supposed to work on glass in case that matters to you.

Overall, the few weeks I've spent with the Logitech mX Performance Mouse have me thinking it was a wise investment.


Purchased at Best Buy for $79.99

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