Kelty Lakota 4000 Backpack


The ability to properly store and carry essential items while hiking is crucial. The Kelty Lakota 4000 series backpack has many features that met the demands of my hiking trip. This pack is fully adjustable. Every strap, load support, and stabilizer strap adjusted and seldom slipped or lost their placing although it would happen. The internal frame was easy to adjust to the curve of my back for added comfort. Historically I break a feature like that, even bending and adjusting the frame multiple times it did not break and held its form.

Being new to hiking I thought I could just strap a normal book bag to my back and take off. WRONG. After trying on a friends hiking pack and instantly feeling the support the waist belt and load supports made the pack feel with a load of 50lbs I knew the error of that thinking. The Kelty Lakota 4000 backpack can function like a normal book bag with a removable waist belt. It has a front storage compartment and top compartment perfect for getting at multi-use items. There was plenty of space overall in the Kelty Lakota 4000 backpack with 4000 cubic inches of storage space.

The pack itself weighs in at just over 4 pounds and I loaded it and carried it with more than 40 pounds. Like I said the straps hold but carrying that much weight the pack would shift and the straps required adjustments to maintain the functionality of the pack. The Kelty Lakota 4000 series backpack came with instructions for proper load and weight dispersal. Follow these instructions. The first time I loaded it I carried all the weight on my hips and that got real old and painful real quick.

The Kelty Lakota 4000 backpack is made out of polyester so it was easy to clean but it is not waterproof. Every time we got caught in the rain even with a pack cover water would leak into the pack. Everything not carried in a Sea to Summit Dry Sac got damp at least. Waterproofing would be a much appreciated feature on an outdoor pack. The waist strap would also maintain a fair amount of sweat but being ventilated it did dry quickly.

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