Hands-free bathroom faucet: Speakman S-9512 SENSORFLO


The Speakman Sensorflo S9512 is a replacement for our old Moen Monticello bathroom faucet.  The hot-water handle snapped a few weeks ago so with little kids in the house, we thought it might be worth ditching the handles all together and upgrading to a hands-free faucet.  After some online research and reading other consumer reviews, we settled on the Speakman Sensorflo S-9512.  How does it fair?


Selection Process

We chose the Speakman for two important reasons.  First, we needed an easy way to control the temperature without having to reach under the sink. Secondly, we required a battery-operated unit as an AC outlet is not available.  Fortunately, the Speakman Sensorflo series offers models that come in AC/battery-powered as well as above/below sink control valves.  We paid ~$250 on efaucets.com and it arrived within a week.


Installation was easy, however the box included some rubber washes that didn't seem to fit the piping.  The wording of the instructions seemed like a poor English translation, but the images were enough to get it working within an hour. Don't forget the Teflon tape or similar pipe-sealant.  Also, we ended up purchasing a Rigid sink and faucet tool to remove the old faucet.


There is small 'pop' sound and a quick flash of a red LED visible in the top of the faucet main assembly.  It engages pretty quickly and feels responsive. It does seem to cut off pretty quickly which can be a pain when brushing teeth or with the little hands of our kids.  On the flip side of that nuisance, we are saving a lot more water than what we would be wasting with our older faucet.  There is a lot of pressure which is nice, but it also just barely stays inside the basin of our sink.  The kids swear that the black semi-transparent circle at the top of the mast is a button, however it seem to only be there for the red LED indicator.  


The Speakman Sensorflo looks modern and adds a nice (hands-free) touch to the bathroom.  If water conservation is your thing, you would do well to consider the Speakman Sensorflo line of hands-free bathroom faucets.  Compared to our other modern faucet, the Delta Touch2O, the Speakman S-9512 is a great value and is more intuitive to use for our guests.  Of course the challenge between having both of these different technologies is that now we find ourselves tapping the Speakman and waving our hands around in front of the Delta Touch20.

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