Grain Brain might be the best purchase of 2014 already


Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth about Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar--Your Brain's Silent Killers was recommended to me by a doctor.  They mentioned that the book had some great information about the dangers of gluent and brain health.  She also mentioned that it might be a nice read for me.  What an understatement!


In the book Grain Brain, Dr. David Perlmutter does a great job at highlighting studies that make direct connections of Gluten and Brain Health.  If you are looking to rid yourself from ADHD, anxiety, chronic headaches, or depression - you would do well to read this book.

For me, this book was a wake up call.  I needed to change my diet even though I wasn't suffering from many of the symptoms that gluten-sensitive people suffer.  What a difference it has made in my life.  I have energy, focus, and confidence.  No more roller coaster of energy or spikes throughout the day.  

If you read one self-help book this year, let it be Grain Brain.  I purchased my copy on Google Play for ~$7.  Why did I buy Grain Brain?  Because my health is more important than cheap cereal and salty snacks.


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