Drawing circuits with the Circuit Scribe from electroninks


Originally funded through Kickstarter, the electroninks branded Circuit Scribe basic kit consists of a silver pen, a work book, and a handful of electronic modules to get you started.  What can you do with it and how awesome is it?




The overall quality of the components and workbook that come with the kit feel like a decent quality. The pen, which is the prize of the whole purchase, feels like a 5 cent bic ballpoint pen.  I expected something that felt better in the hand or was easier on the eyes, but at least the silver flowing out of it works as promised.


Building Circuits

There are many online tools for testing out new electronics concepts these days.  There are programs that help simulate their feasibility and then there is just the normal pen/paper/imagination combination.  The concept is original, however, at the cost of the pen and the ease of use with real components, I do not feel the Circuit Scribe is a practical or economical way for young hobbyists to get started with building electronic circuits.



Even though it may not economical, the Circuit Scribe has been a fun experience so far. The real value of the kit comes with the guided 

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