Can't stop talking about Fisher Price Zoo Talkers


Some gifts are tossed aside, others shelved to collect dust until ultimately thrown out or donated, but then there are those gifts that can not be put down and keep on giving. For my son, the Fisher Price Zoo Talkers Zoo he received for his second birthday, was that kind of gift. The Zoo Talkers Zoo has proven to keep a child entertained for months, with the help of the additional Zoo Talkers animals sold separately. There are numerous opportunities for the child and parents to interact and learn together.Making this toy not only entertaining, but also educational. There is not one day in our house that we don't visit the zoo, the Fisher Price Zoo Talkers Zoo.


My son was very excited when he first received the Zoo Talkers Zoo for his birthday. All of his cousins loved playing with it as well, they range from ages 2 to 5. 2 months later we still play with it everyday. There hasn't been a day that my son hasn't said to me, "Let's go play animals!". He enjoys putting the animals down the slide, that he calls a waterfall. As well as putting the different animals on the Zoo Talkers Zoo where it says, out loud, the names of the animals and the sounds they make. This opens an opportunity to talk about the animals further and to try to make the noises ourselves. My son is really good at roaring like a lion.


The Fisher Price Zoo Talkers Zoo comes with three animals, a polar bear, a gorilla, and a lion. The packaging states there are 9 other animals sold separately that work with the zoo. These additional Zoo Talkers animals have been fun to collect and add to "our" zoo. 


All in all, this gift has hands down been one of the best my son has ever received and will be hard to top. 



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