1 Droid, 3 Screen Protectors, and an entire Verizon store


I recently purchased a Verizon Droid, with it I picked up the package of 3 screen protectors.  The screen itself seemed sturdy enough, but having little experience with capacitive touchscreens I decided it was best to play it safe. 

It wasn't until the third day of owning the Droid that I attempted to adhere the first protective adhesive.  I thoroughly cleaned the device screen with the cloth provided and began peeling off the adheisve backing.  I quickly noticed there was a problem.  The corners of the protective screens were sharper than those of the phone.  The Droid had larger rounded corners where as the protective film was tighter, bairly rounded at all.  The speaker has a long cut-away from the surface of the phone - it wouldn't line up at all with the mismatched  corners!  WTF?

Thats ok, I kept it cool.  I knew that Verizon would resolve this issue.  Simple.  Either they get one of the remaining two screens protector films working or they refund my money, right?  A few days later I made my way back up to the Verizon store that sold me the product and challenged them with the same goal - get it working or give me my money back. 

The rep that greeted me was a bit larger of a fellow, no way were his hands up to the task.  He gladly accepted the challenge, however, and proceeded to ask each and every other Verizon rep if they were confident in placing protective screens on phones.  I couldn't hear him, but I saw him addres each person individually and then watched them shake there heads (no).  After a minute or two, he dissapeared into the backroom.  About 8 minutes later, he returned with a smile on his face and my Droid extended out towards me.  "All set", he proudly said.  A quick glance over and all appeared ok.  No bubbles to speak of and the corners all seemed to fit.

It wasn't until later that day when I returned to work that I noticed that the Verizon rep simply cut the corners of the protective screen down.  The Verizon Droid protective screens do not fit the device that they are sold for.  Here we are a few weeks out and the screen is still in tact.  Its not a total eyesore, but I'm let down that Verizon would sell defective equipment for a device that was marketed the way the Droid was.  Droid does, but Droid accessories don't?


Purchased at: Verizon store [site]

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