I stood in line for my Droid


I waited last year when the G1 came out. I was anxious for Android to come out and shake things up but I didn't want to be an early adopter. I looked forward to participating in an open source mobile platform because as an applications developer and, honestly, because it wasn't an iPhone.  The promise of a better platform was what it meant to me.  A system whose excellence is agnostic of its host.

When I arrived at the store, on November 6th 2009 at a little before 7am, there were 5 other people in front of me.  Each was explaining how long they had been there and what they were looking forward to most about the droid.  "Verizon has decent coverage out by me, I hope the 3G on this rocks", one guy said.  "I had to drive an hour so I've been here since 5am" said another.  I just wanted a phone that could compete against todays best smartphones; be it a BlackBerry or an iPhone.  Didn't have to be the best, just compete.

When we finally shuffled in I ignored the coffee and doughnuts and headed right for the next available sale person.  This Verizon store was all hands on deck, every employee was there so it was easy to find some help.  I lined up everything: the Media Station, Car Mount, extra car charger, and a frustrating package of 3 screen protectors.  The guy tried selling me a Body Glove plastic case, but it looked like more trouble than it was worth.  I never asked for it in the first place, but the Verizon rep insisted on putting it on the phone.  It took him at least 10 minutes to take it off.

If it wasn't for my corporate discount, this purchase would've been North of $400!  Thats ok, the phone was now mine.  I left the Verizon store at about 7:40am, opened the Car Mount kit and docked the phone for the first time.  The Google maps Navigation feature looked easy on Engadget's review, but I had to click several more times to get it going.  Thats ok, it was the promise of a better platform that I was after, and thats what I got.


Purchased at:  Verizon store [site]


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