Why I bought the Garmin Oregon 400t


 Geocaching.  Plain and simple, I dropped $500 on the Cadillac of GPS devices because it scored well in the areas of hiking and Geocaching.  I did some extensive online research and felt comfortable laying down the dough for the Garmin Oregon 400t.

I've only used it a few times, but one of the things you quickly notice is that the screen is not that great.  Some of the reviews touched on this, I guess I should've paid more attention.  Its great that the Oregon 400 is powered by 2 AA's because they're you're not tethered to a USB power adapter or car lighter.  But I guess thats the trade off for screen brightness.  

The Oregon 400 is also waterproof to 3ft which is a nice-to-have for Geocaching, if nothing else just so that I don't freak out when it gets wet in the rain.  Yes, it's rain or shine when you plan a weekend of Geocaching.  The Oregon holds up well to the elements but you do also sacrifice some input accuracy for that ruggedness.  The capacitive screen doesn't exactly make for a smooth experience like the resistive screen of an iPad or Android device.

You have to load additional maps into the unit to be able to route streets, but the devices holds well for the random foot travels of Geocaching.  I have yet to use the wireless sharing or many of the features on this GPS device, but so far I think the Garmin 400t is the best at what I use it for.  Of course, the new Dakota series probably beats these.


Purchased at: WalMart.com

Purchased price: $499.99

Manufacturers site:  Garmin Oregon 400t

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