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I ordered 2 of these as part of my new Home Automation initiative.  I  also ordered 2 similar Z-Wave receptacles just so that I could see if there was any functional difference that warranted the price difference.


Setup, 1st Attempt.  No good.  Called Tech Support at Intermatic and let them know that I configured it with my WDHA-12 and they said I would have to delete it from that device or I'm out of luck.  There is no manual reset feature on this device.  Once its paired you must remove it or "there is nothing we can do to help". 

 Second attempt, much better.  The devices were successfuly paired with my Home Automation controller (Vera) once I received the correct Z-Wave dongle.  Rating adjusted accordingly.

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Manufacturer: Intermatic

Tech Support: (815)-675-7000

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