Just received the Mi Casa Verde Vera Z Wave Home Controller


Whew... that was rough.  But after just over two week I finally recieved it, the Mi Casa Verde Vera.  Its a Home Controller and a Wireless router all in one.  Vera mean "border" in spanish.  So far I must say that I'm liking the attention Mi Casa Verde put into the users first experience.  Nice tutorials piped in from YouTube give it a well rounded setup process.  At least, so it seemed...

Setup, 1st Attempt

I followed the instructions on adding the Z wave devices from my home.  No luck.  Now, I did already setup a Master Controller I think, so maybe I just need to reset my zwave network?  My first attempt included trying to add two In-Wall receptacles (HA01).  I pressed the 3 Scene buttons on the WDHA-12 to reset it to factory defaults - should remove it as the controller of the network.  Still no luck.  I called Intermatic tech support at