Is it an Electronic?

Aviary Myna is Amazing

Aviary has some exceptionaly simple and intuitive tools for creating and editing images, colors, and effects.  Recently I learned of there Audio mixer, Myna.  I love it.  Its a flash based mixer that offers a wide variety of sample intros, loops, and outros.  The library also plugs into Aviary's community contributions.
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I stood in line for my Droid

I waited last year when the G1 came out. I was anxious for Android to come out and shake things up but I didn't want to be an early adopter. I looked forward to participating in an open source mobile platform because as an applications developer and, honestly, because it wasn't an iPhone.  The promise of a better platform was what it meant to me.  A system whose excellence is agnostic of its host.

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The HP 6180 All-In-One

Back in 2006, my employers purchased me an HP 6180 All-in-one printer/fax/copier/scanner/money pit. It printed incredible 4x6 photos on HP glossy photo paper, but other brand papers didn't fair so well. This machine rocks Bluetooth, Photobridge, an 802.11g wifi card, and USB capabilities. On the downside ink is expensive and its always requesting new ink.

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Why did I buy an iPod?

Its a second generation 8Gb iPod touch.  There isn't much point in me raving about what it can't do or can do, thats been discussed ad nauseam.  What I will say is that I purchased this device because I was going to use it as another controller for the Mi Casa Verde Vera home controller for controlling my Z-Wave devices.

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