2 Weeks with AT&T U-Verse: Worth Switching from Comcast?


Week 1

I have been a loyal customer of Comcast for at least 4 years.  In that time, my internet and/or cable service was interrupted 4 times.  Each time this occurred, I would call the Customer Service line and find out that there was a past due amount. The first three times, I had forgot the schedule the payment and was a few days past due.  Really?  You'll shut off my service for being past due a few days? 

What really pushed me to look into U-Verse, was the weekend Comcast shut my service off over a past due amount of $2.10.  I had mistyped a payment amount apparently and was past due on $2. So, we called AT&T.  It sounded like a dream come true. A dip in Internet speed (16Mbit/s down to 6Mbs), but a way better channel package, 2 DVR's, and most importantly an inspiring user interface.  As a self pronounced techie, nothing bothers me worse than lame UI.

The install was pretty rocky. When the tech came out, he explained that he had to install a special signal boosting device because I was on the edge of AT&T's coverage.  When showing me how to work the DVR, he explained "it might be flaky".  The DVR didn't work.  Then he explained that I wasn't signed up for the HD package that I was sold in my initial call. Why wouldn't I have ordered the HD package??

A phone call to Customer Service to get the ordered HD package wasn't a relief.  The U-Verse rep went on to ask me to read to her the email that I was sent confirming my service order.  It listed a bunch of expected line items like "Receiver Fee" and "Residential Gateway"... but it only said "AT&T U-verse TV".  So she repeated that nowhere in there does it say "HD".  Thanks lady, I feel better about switching from Comcast now.  It does not say HD.

After a little while, the HD was turned on and the tech resolved the DVR issues.  It was staring to feel like a smart move.  I was getting decent speed test results in the range of ~8-10Mb.

The tech then gave me a piece of paper with my new username and password for accessing the AT&T U-verse site and managing my account.  The username was not even close to my family name.  He even told me he just had it choose a random account.  Thanks guy.

Not bad for what I was paying.  Overall about a $30/mo savings over Comcast. Time to enjoy the investment...


Week 2

Our experience with U-verse has been mostly positive.  There are really only 3 things that get me with AT&T's U-verse at this point:

  1. If you stay on a channel for more than an hour or so, the sound gets jittery and makes 'ja-ja-ja-ja', 'ga-ga-ga-ga-ga-ga' type sounds.  Switching to another channel and back resolves the issue.  Problem with the DVR or the service?
  2. I cannot seem to find "The Walking Dead" in the On Demand area
  3. The include WiFi router has a troubling UI and there are many areas that lock you from updating without having some sort of mystery password (its not on the side of the device?!)

I was able to salvage my old router to keep from having to change many of my networked devices around.

Definitely happy with the switch from Comcast at this point.