Bliptronic 5000 is a hit


Based on the recommendation made earlier on this site for the Bliptronic 5000, I recently purchased one as a gift for friend who is a bit more musically inclined than I.  In fact, when the Bliptronic was presented, there were several musicians around to see the unwrapping.  It was like each one of those musicians received the gift.  The synthesizer was passed around for a few hours, each new user filled with delight as if was a gift unto them.

What else was interesting about the Bliptronic 5000 was that many of those at the birthday party who weren't so musically (or technically) inclined, often claimed "I don't get it".  As if the Bliptronic was a puzzle that had a solution.  Lovely. 

It was a solid purchase for $50, but if you find a nice coupon code like I did then ThinkGeek will drop another $10 off the total (GEEKPUZZLER from