Why did I buy a Foscam FI8918W Wireless/Wired IP Camera?

WiFi cameras are pretty affordable these days. With a wide variety of vendors, manufacturers, and technology options available, I decided to make my most recent purchase on Amazon.  How did the FI8918W fair?  Well, it had me asking why I bought it.

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Why did I buy windows from Jacks Wholesale Windows?

6 months ago I signed an agreement with Jacks Wholesale Windows to install 2 over-sized windows in my house.  In this series of Jacks Wholesale Windows reviews, we'll explore some of the most appalling customer service experiences I have ever heard of.

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Finally Found The Go Find

 Ok, maybe I shouldn't say 'Finally', its not like the music was never available.  I just couldn't find it in the stores and many of the sites I frequent to purchase MP3's hadn't made it available yet.  Alas, "Everybody Knows It's Going To Happen Only Not Tonight" is available from Amazon's music library.

Why buy these great Country/Pop songs?

Somebody once asked me where to go for great, affordable, downloadable music. Well, I poked around and put together a playlist, if these songs interest you then please purchase them through our Amazon Affiliate account!


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Why I bought the Garmin Oregon 400t

 Geocaching.  Plain and simple, I dropped $500 on the Cadillac of GPS devices because it scored well in the areas of hiking and Geocaching.  I did some extensive online research and felt comfortable laying down the dough for the Garmin Oregon 400t.

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Wowed by Wowwee's Rovio

A few weeks back I ordered a Rovio from Woot.com.  The product page on Wowwee's site explains it best:

Rovio™ is the groundbreaking new Wi-Fi enabled mobile webcam that lets you view and interact with its environment through streaming video and audio, wherever you are! With Rovio, you will always be just a click away from the people and places that are important to you.

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Bliptronic 5000 is a hit

Based on the recommendation made earlier on this site for the Bliptronic 5000, I recently purchased one as a gift for friend who is a bit more musically inclined than I.  In fact, when the Bliptronic was presented, there were several musicians around to see the unwrapping.  It was like each one of those musicians received the gift.  The synthesizer was passed around for a few hours, each new user filled with delight as if was a gift unto them.

1 Droid, 3 Screen Protectors, and an entire Verizon store

I recently purchased a Verizon Droid, with it I picked up the package of 3 screen protectors.  The screen itself seemed sturdy enough, but having little experience with capacitive touchscreens I decided it was best to play it safe. 

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Cooper RF9534-N 600W Z-Wave Dimmer Switch

I ordered 2 of these in-wall dimmer switches as part of my new Home Automation initiative.  Well, I actually ordered a different switch but these were sent instead.  I also ordered 2 similar Z-Wave dimmer switches just so that I could see if there was any functio

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HA06 - HomeSettings Z-Wave In-Wall Dimmer Switch

I just ordered 2 of these In-wall dimmer switches as part of my new Home Automation initiative.  They arrive later in the week.  Also ordered 2 similar Z-Wave dimmers just so that I could see if there was any functional difference that warranted the price difference. 


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