Google Glass is coming

Google Glass is a head-mounted computer with a mini display attached to it. The system is being developed by Google in the Project Glass research and development project.  With it, you can interact with pictures, videos, SMS text messages, and much more.  Companion apps are also available for your Android or iOS smartphone.  Currently, the product is only available by invitation.

GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition - Wireless Update Failed

I'm writing this in case anybody else is thinking about buying a GoPro HERO 3 Black Edition and wants to research known issues first.  It seems that many people, including myself, have experienced issues with the wireless feature and connecting to the companion app for the iPhone or Android smartphones.

GoPro or Go-slow with the HERO 3 Black?

The GoPro HERO 3 Black is a premium model of the popular GoPro series of rugged HD cameras.  I've seen a lot of videos pieced together from these cameras and they real allow you to capture the action.  Most of the people I know have been using older models.  When it was time for me to purchase one, I jumped in at the top.  Owning the HERO 3 Black has not been the most enjoyable experience.


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Logitech Performance Mouse - worth buying?

There are a lot of computer mice on the market.  While I wouldn't say I have large hands, I will say that most mice feel small in my hand.  That's why it was important that I find a mouse that feels great and has all the features I require as an avid internet user and programmer.  Enter the Logitech mX Performance Mouse.


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What is the Blackberry PlayBook and is it worth buying?

What is the Blackberry Playbook?  The Blackberry Playbook is the first tablet device released by RIM, the makers of the popular Blackberry line of smartphones.   For being such a big player to the smartphone game, it has been surprising that its taken RIM this long to role out a line of tablets focused at consumers.

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How to Activate your new Samsung Galaxy S III for Verizon Wireless

Ok, after much anticipation, I finally received my Pebble Blue Samsung Galaxy S3 today.  Unfortunately I had some troubles activating the phone on Verizon's network.

I popped in the SIM card and battery and fired it up.  It jumps right into the activation screen where it sat for the next 20 minutes before displaying an error instructing me to restart and try again.  I tried again. And again.  This went on for an hour and a half.  Arggghhh!


Why buy the Delta 980T-SSSD-DST Pilar Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Touch2O Technology?

Before purchasing this seemingly expensive kitchen faucet, I did a little research.  What got me was the review I read on Amazon that said something to the effect of "It is the Hummer of kitchen faucets".  While not a Hummer owner myself, I was sold.


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Why buy a Loftek CXS 2200 WiFi Pan/Tilt Camera?

I have already invested in a few other network pan/tilt cameras (FI8918W), but this time I was looking for something with slightly better range at night.  The Loftek CXS 2200 advertised a range of 15 meters.  How did it fair in actual use?


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Why buy WinTV HVR 1600 from Hauppauge?

There was a time when the HTPC was thriving.  Building a PC decked out with all the features suited to back an awesome Home Theater setup a fulfilling project.  For many, slapping the Hauppauge PCI  Video Card into your machine was an integral step. 

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Why buy the Sony TDG-BR50 3D Glasses for watching 3D programming?

Recently I dove into the purchase of a new Home Theater setup courtesy of ABC Warehouse.  While I was looking to go 3D, the salesman seemed to make me an offer I couldn't refuse.  The pair of TDG-BR50/B glasses weren't included in the deal, but I needed them to make it worth it.


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