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Ever buy a product, let it sit a few days or weeks, and then when its time to use it you say to yourself, why did I buy this thing?  That has happened with us quite a bit recently so we thought we would blog about it. Welcome.

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If your child is old enough to play with smaller toy cars or you are young enough to enjoy using your own imagination, you may find joy in owning a Sonix City Rescue playset.


I was a big fan of Micro Machines in the 80s, what ever happened to those?  Its been a while since I've seen quality toys of the micro nature.  Alas, the Sonix City line of playsets.  How do these mini-car playsets stack up to the original Micro Machines?  Read on!


What is the Blackberry Playbook?  The Blackberry Playbook is the first tablet device released by RIM, the makers of the popular Blackberry line of smartphones.   For being such a big player to the smartphone game, it has been surprising that its taken RIM this long to role out a line of tablets focused at consumers.

Before purchasing this seemingly expensive kitchen faucet, I did a little research.  What got me was the review I read on Amazon that said something to the effect of "It is the Hummer of kitchen faucets".  While not a Hummer owner myself, I was sold.


Wow, if you would have told me a few years ago that we'd find a play-table as useful as the Step2 Deluxe Canyon Road table I would have not believed you.  Fortunately, our local Meijer had an open box set on clearance for only $20!  This purchase has easily been the best one I have made for our family in quite some time.

There was a time not too long ago where micro RC's were all the rage.  Or so it seemed.  Tyco, Air Hogs, and a few other brands all had there pocket-sized RC cards on the shelves.

Some gifts are tossed aside, others shelved to collect dust until ultimately thrown out or donated, but then there are those gifts that can not be put down and keep on giving. For my son, the Fisher Price Zoo Talkers Zoo he received for his second birthday, was that kind of gift. The Zoo Talkers Zoo has proven to keep a child entertained for months, with the help of the additional Zoo Talkers animals sold separately.

I have already invested in a few other network pan/tilt cameras (FI8918W), but this time I was looking for something with slightly better range at night.  The Loftek CXS 2200 advertised a range of 15 meters.  How did it fair in actual use?


There was a time when the HTPC was thriving.  Building a PC decked out with all the features suited to back an awesome Home Theater setup a fulfilling project.  For many, slapping the Hauppauge PCI  Video Card into your machine was an integral step. 

Recently I dove into the purchase of a new Home Theater setup courtesy of ABC Warehouse.  While I was looking to go 3D, the salesman seemed to make me an offer I couldn't refuse.  The pair of TDG-BR50/B glasses weren't included in the deal, but I needed them to make it worth it.