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Ever buy a product, let it sit a few days or weeks, and then when its time to use it you say to yourself, why did I buy this thing?  That has happened with us quite a bit recently so we thought we would blog about it. Welcome.

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Recent Reviews

Are you disgusted by the germ-ridden handle on your toilet?  Well you are not the only one.  Our family has a few kids running through the house touching everything and who knows what is on the handle. Well now we have one less thing to worry about with the Kohler touchless toilet flush kit!

The EtekCity HD Video Converter is one of many affordable HDMI to CVBS ( composite video) converters.  If you are looking for a USB powered (or no power) inline conversion box to get an HDMI source out to RCA - look no further.

Lytro is a California-based technology company claiming to produce the worlds first Light Field Camera.  

The first run of Lytro handheld light field cameras come in 8GB/16GB models and Red, Blue, or Graphite colors. Read on to find out how they fair for the average consumer.

Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth about Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar--Your Brain's Silent Killers was recommended to me by a doctor.  They mentioned that the book had some great information about the dangers of gluent and brain health.  She also mentioned that it might be a nice read for me.  What an understatement!


The GoPro HERO 3 Black is a premium model of the popular GoPro series of rugged HD cameras.  I've seen a lot of videos pieced together from these cameras and they real allow you to capture the action.  Most of the people I know have been using older models.  When it was time for me to purchase one, I jumped in at the top.  Owning the HERO 3 Black has not been the most enjoyable experience.


There are a lot of computer mice on the market.  While I wouldn't say I have large hands, I will say that most mice feel small in my hand.  That's why it was important that I find a mouse that feels great and has all the features I require as an avid internet user and programmer.  Enter the Logitech mX Performance Mouse.


The Sonix City line of toy cars and playsets was introduced in the later summer/fall of 2012.  The playsets come in 2 variations: full playsets and add-on buildings.  The Car Wash is one of the add-on  buildings for these tiny new micro-car playsets.


If your child is old enough to play with smaller toy cars or you are young enough to enjoy using your own imagination, you may find joy in owning a Sonix City Rescue playset.


I was a big fan of Micro Machines in the 80s, what ever happened to those?  Its been a while since I've seen quality toys of the micro nature.  Alas, the Sonix City line of playsets.  How do these mini-car playsets stack up to the original Micro Machines?  Read on!


What is the Blackberry Playbook?  The Blackberry Playbook is the first tablet device released by RIM, the makers of the popular Blackberry line of smartphones.   For being such a big player to the smartphone game, it has been surprising that its taken RIM this long to role out a line of tablets focused at consumers.